“I’m outside Tooting Broadway station, I have a black Nike backpack and I’m holding your gin!”

Why do we all like gin so much? Because it’s fucking great, that’s why. So when I heard that a wonderful human (Victoria Christie) had decided to start distilling her own hand-crafted, organic product practically down the road from me in Tooting, I kept a close and dedicated eye out. Mostly by following a barely active Twitter account for the best part of a year with no hint to a time scale of when said product would be available. And then, it arrived! Launched at local festival Tootopia last weekend: GRAVENEY GIN.



Now, Victoria delivers locally (handy), but I was happy to come from Streatham so said I’d collect. Cut to a hilarious blind-date-cum-drug-deal scenario where neither of us knew what the other looked like and had to exchange money for booze on the street – was that even legal?! Who knows, but we got away with it.

Not only is Victoria wholly admirable in holding down a full-time job and start-up home distillery, her gin is truly superb! Using Angelica root and goji berries (a first as far as she knows), it has sweetness and earthiness in perfect balance. She should be incredibly proud of her lovely product and I’ll be supporting her all the way.

This could be a dangerous habit…


Orders to victoria@graveneygin.com (Also available by post outside of Tooting)

£30 per 700ml bottle, 45% vol