How embarrassing. You want to tell yourself you didn’t get it simply because it was goddamn beautiful and likely had no intention of reading it… But you did. We all have. So let’s be proud of our shelves full of bimbo books.

Here are some of mine:

1. The Book of Dave – Will Self

Cover: An incredibly detailed image rendered entirely in ballpoint pen. Epic skills.

Contents: Set in a future world complete with future dialect (thanks, Will, like you’re not already too clever for your own good). What if their holy book was just the musings of a current age cabbie called Dave? Self comments on religion.


2. Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

Cover: Great illustration, and I have a signed hardback so it’s a lot about that in which he spelled my name ‘Blee’. No it’s fine, really. Anyway, have you SEEN the U.S. cover? *voms*

Contents: Lots of different stories that intertwine across space and time… All very complicated. I’m so lazy I’ll probably never even watch the film either, which to be fair, did look a bit shit.


3. H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald

Cover: Stunning. Full stop.

Contents: Helen deals with the grief of losing her father by training a Goshawk. I so want to read it, I really do. It can’t be boring, it won a PRIZE*! Plus she had an awesome beehive when she collected her award, she’s a top bird. Ahem.

*The Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, 2014


4. List of the Lost – Morrissey

*shakes head forever*


5. La-Bas – J. K. Huysmans

Cover: Illustration by the totally divine Aubrey Beardsley. Plus it’s black with gold foil on the spine.

Contents: Decadent literature purchased years ago when I was fully obsessed with decadence but clearly more the aesthetic. I found it difficult then, I’m not gonna revisit it now.