The clever people at wonderfully named Tom Pigeon tick pretty much every box when it comes to things I like and buy way too much of. Graphic jewellery, stationery and prints, with heavy use of metals and foils.


I dare you not to drool.

I first discovered them at Crafty Fox Market in Brixton (a great platform for new designers), but they are now stocked in a variety of places including the Barbican Gift Shop, fitting perfectly alongside the concrete table lamps, et al.

FO_NB_CG_1_Web_grande ReflexPocket_Brass_Navy_2__web_grande

The only thing I would say is, look after your metals! I stupidly left my copper and grey formica bar necklace by the bathroom sink only to find water had reacted with the copper leaving sad, green tarnish marks. What an idiot. Oh well. Oddly I’m warming to its unintentional vintage look now.

All available from Tom Pigeon