Kingly Street, like much of Soho, has been going through a regeneration of late. No longer simply Carnaby’s little bro where you’d head for a quick Sam Smiths pint in The Red Lion or a cocktail in the Two Floors if feeling fancy. The huge building works halfway down have revealed themselves as the home of a new branch of Dishoom, which will help enormously in diverting the constant overflow from their existing branches. In fact the queue already forming outside this one distracted us so much we walked right past Shotgun, where we had booked in for an early Saturday lunch.

Set in beautiful wood and brass decor with an attractive long bar, Shotgun is the new American BBQ venture from Brad MacDonald of The Lockhart, Marylebone, where I’d previously enjoyed an excellent lazy brunch.

To start us off, the hangover-curing Gin Fizz arrived as a cloud in a glass, with egg whites so thick they resembled lemon meringue it was accompanied by a long spoon to facilitate. Devilled quails eggs came sitting on savoury puffed rice adding a genius unexpected texture. Then, boiled peanuts. BOILED PEANUTS? Er, yes. In their shells in a little cup of hot water. They were…different. Something of the wet roasted chestnut about them. I’m afraid couldn’t be persuaded to take sip of the spiced peanut water, a ‘delicacy’.


For mains, the Combination Plate was great for the indecisive (me), with both melting brisket and Boston Butt pork *snigger*. It came with a potato bun (perfect for constructing a sneaky mini-snack), plus a side included. The black-legged chicken was delicately smoked adding an incredible depth of flavour, and the side of beets were centimetre-thick slices rendered in pork fat. So more-ish that my portion disappeared around the table and we had to order a second helping.


Dessert had a choice of sour cherry or chocolate soft serve ice-cream, both excellent finales and presented in little paper cups with wooden spoons. For somewhere that had crockery and water glasses so beautiful I considered the capacity of my handbag, this was a cute touch alluding to the more traditionally casual nature of BBQs and showing they don’t take themselves too seriously. Oddly it didn’t feel out of place which is a credit to their judgement.

The service was attentive and discreet, and with great food it should thrive in the changing face of the area. I know I’ll definitely return. #ICallShotgun


Lunch for 5 diners (i.e. a lot!):

Clementine Mimosa £7
Gin Fizz £8
Blueberry Limeade £4

Boiled Peanuts £1.50
Pimento Cheese £4
Devilled Eggs, £1 each

Brisket & Boston Butt (with one side) £12
Half Black-Legged Chicken £18
Iberico Baby Back Ribs £22
Californian Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Sandwich (with one side) £11

Potato Salad £3
Beets £3
Baked Potato Puree £3
Smoky BBQ Beans £3

Pecan Brownie £3.50
Sour Cherry Soft Serve £3.50
Chocolate Soft Serve £3.50

Two large carafes of red on tap, £23 each

Full prices mentioned. Soft launch offer was 50% off the bill excl. drinks.

SHOTGUN 26 Kingly Street, Soho W1B 5QD (0203 137 7252)