I’m not Brigitte Bardot. But to be fair, none of us are. So how on earth do we wear a headband without looking like a twelve year-old?


I’m always on the sneak for something different. It may not be a thing that actually catches or becomes a ‘trend’, and to be honest I really don’t care. In a commuter sea of Michael Kors bags, skater skirts and ombre hair, I’m filled with an aesthetic nausea every morning. It freaks me out, the collective conscience of the masses to look the same, expressing themselves with the lowest common style denominator. I’m almost willing imagination into them. Having said that, you will have to claw my skinny black jeans off my dead white ass.

Orla Kiely SS16

image image

Vogue Nov 15

So, the thought of wearing those beloved elasticated black headbands of my early teens came back to me as something that, considering how much I love the Sixties, had somehow eluded my modern stylings. I’d been weighing up the excitement of something different vs the risk of looking like an idiot, when suddenly I spotted a still from Orla Kiely’s SS16 show last month. DAMMIT! Girls in beautiful dresses, playing mini-golf(!) and wearing Bardot headbands! Ugh. Perfection. The trend is on, for £1.99 at Superdrug.

And we’ll wear this, how? With confidence, individuality and a bucket-load of black eyeliner.

Marc Jacobs FW14