‘I’ll have a flat white, please. And a doughnut. FOR MY BREAKFAST.’

Edinburgh is magnificent this morning. It’s jumpers and sunglasses weather, chilly in the shade and glorious in the sun. And I’m ordering a coffee and a doughnut for my breakfast, like a winner.

Twelve Triangles is a coffee house and bakery in Leith (little sister of Edinburgh’s foremost cake shop Lovecrumbs). It’s tiny but perfect. The decor has the customary nod to mid-century design, but it’s cosy rather than self-conscious. Baked goods are piled in a few wire baskets on the wall – primarily breads and pastries. The counter displays a range of special doughnuts (bramble, rhubarb, pear, maple pecan custard, chocolate peanut butter), chelsea buns (aka ‘cinnamon buns’) and focaccias with incredible fillings (roast potato, plum, rosemary and beetroot, ricotta, hazlenut).

The coffee is perfect. And the bramble doughnut is full of whole blackberries. My friend Fern has toasted sourdough with mascarpone and dukkah – also delicious.

Sat outside, doughnut in hand, on a formica chair (with integrated table – 1960s polytechnic-style), the sun flaring in the sky, I catch my brain thinking, ‘Maybe I could move to Edinburgh.’ That’s how lovely Twelve Triangles is – you fleetingly consider relocating yourself and your family to a different city just to be closer.

Everything’s so good I have an ill-advised second breakfast of pain au chocolat and another flat white and then feel really edgy and over-caffeinated. But it’s worth it. Fern and I walk to the sea and I’m so happy, filled to the brim with coffee and baked goods.

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Twelve Triangles, 90 Brunswick Street, Leith, Edinburgh (0131 629 4664, www.twelvetriangles.co.uk)

2 flat white £5.00

1 doughnut £2.20

1 sourdough, mascerpone, dukkah £2.20

1 breakfast tea £2.20

1 pain au chocolat £1.50

TOTAL: £13.10