This November sees the re-release of Dr Zhivago as part of The BFI’s current LOVE season, and fittingly, the news has rekindled an early girl crush of mine. Perhaps not the most conventionally beautiful of the ‘60s sex kitten set – a tall order when there’s Brigitte Bardot and Jean Shrimpton to compete with – but undoubtedly, Julie has ‘it’ factor by the bucket load. Here’s how to covet la Christie:

1. Hit the bottle

No half-head of natural looking highlights for our gal, Julie’s go-to shade is pure platinum. The ‘60s blonde bombshell look works best if you contrast it with an element of kitchen sink drama – by deep-frying chips in your nightie, for example, or skipping down the Walworth Road, nonchalantly. It’s impossible not be glamorous.

2. Be bronzed, always

Julie belongs to that rare breed of golden girl who dons a suspiciously real looking tan year-round. You can EasyJet it ‘round Europe for cheap in the summer months, or more realistically, invest in a good pair of woollen tights and a turtleneck – and cheat with Guerlain’s Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder (in No. 02 Blondes, of course).

3. Talk the talk

JC is posh totty. Even when she’s shoplifting in Fortnum’s, she’s doing it with magnificent elocution, darling. She has an irresistible purr and a distinctively mid-century style of received pronunciation favoured by the hammiest of actors back then. Study it hard. It’s WONderful.

4. Don’t give a flying fuck

There’s something indisputably sexy about the thoroughly laid-back, and Julie Christie – whether in real life or just in the movies (I’m hoping both) – is one of them. Can’t afford to pay the rent this month? Ask yourself ‘what would Julie do?’ Probably knock back a G&T and forget about it, that’s what.

5. Perfect that faraway stare

Legend has it a very short-sighted Julie (along with Dusty Springfield, FYI) was far too vain to wear her glasses, resulting in a mysterious, distant look. This, of course, became part of her trademark on-screen presence. (HE’S ON THE BUS, LARA!) Channel Julie’s blurry vision and definitely don’t go to Specsavers if you’re after similar levels of mystique.