There are two things you need to remember in the coming days. Number one: the clocks go back on Sunday morning, so don’t be a shit and stand your friend up when you’re supposed to be taking them to therapy. (Technically, I was too early). Number two: the second series of Channel 4’s Catastrophe starts on Tuesday 27 October at 10pm.

It’s been a while since we caught up with co-writers (and stars) Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney in their brilliantly sweary sitcom about a six-night-stand, an accidental pregnancy and its ensuing shitstorm. Series one was adored by everyone who saw it, sparking enormous fandom as well as across-the-board critical approval – Grace Dent was quite right when she wrote in The Independent that it was one of the funniest British comedies in years.

Lord knows there are the LOLZ – a drunk woman pissing in the street on Sharon’s dropped engagement ring is a vision that’ll stay with me – while its deadpan and depraved one-liners are 24 carat comedy gold. (Sharon: “Sorry I called your mother a haemorrhoid.”) Its smut is gloriously incessant.

But the best comedies are not just about the laughs and Catastrophe (in fact beautifully tender at times), understands this implicitly. Sharon and Rob’s on-screen chemistry is sizzling, not only when they’re screwing, but when they’re screeching at each other, too. (We leave the sorry pair on their disastrous wedding night, Rob having called his heavily pregnant bride a “fucking ingrate shrew”. Oops!).

Ending with the mother (pun fully intended) of all cliff-hangers, series one has left me expecting (ahem) great things from the next chapter. British Summer Time may be coming to an end but with autumn telly treats this good, who needs evening daylight anyway?