I have a good long history with pinafores and dungarees, they’ve been there at my graduation, my wedding, the birth of my child… Lol, just kidding – I’ve done none of those! But I am convinced that, worn correctly, they can see you through most ages and situations. A single-piece garment buttoned around you provides a strange comfort and safety from the world, a cocoon of denim or cord. They are the outfits of paper dolls, of characters in books, of carefree weekends and hangovers at work. With versatility to mix and match your accompanying top underneath and depending on the cut and fabric of the item itself, you can adapt: dress up, dress down, dress summer, dress winter, dress geek or dress cool.

It’s a style that always comes round again. Or does it just never go away? Here’s a quick edit for a lifetime’s commitment to a look:

Toddler & Child

Soft, stretchy and stripy – Babe & Tess striped fleece dungarees £32.72

Classic denim play wear  –  Denim Pinafore Dress, George at ASDA £11

imageDenim pinafore


Teen & Adult 

Wear with a Breton top or cream turtleneck –  Topshop MOTO Burgundy Cord £39

Simple black, with a patterned shirt and opaques in the week, and Converse at the weekend – ASOS Ponte Pinafore £28 

Work and posh dinner appropriate – Dahlia Dungaree Jumpsuit £60

Topshop burgundyimageDahlia

 ‘Future’ Adult

Onward it evolves – Marni Capsule Spring 16 

image image