The black feline flick. It’s a classic. Though much like my headband-based thoughts, I recently became fixated upon the idea of gold eyeliner. It’s one of those catwalk make-up looks that are arty and amazing on models and less realistic for the office. But the imagery stuck with me and so I decided to damn well wear it to the office. Lord knows my days needed brightening up. Here’s the trick though, to avoid looking too Roxy Music while answering emails – accent existing black eyeliner. Few can pull off the full-on gold. As great as it looks in editorials, a flash of gilt is enough for us mere mortals IRL, lest we look like we have a bad case of disco conjunctivitis.



My preference is to accent the inner third of the upper lid. Starting in the corner on already lined eyes and tapering up to the peak curve of the black liner allowing that to take over for the rest of the eye and flick. All the images I’ve seen continue the gold line straight over the whole length of the eye, which is excellent too if you want to go bolder, but this is less conspicuous whilst still being noticeable. Best worn with all black attire. C’est chic!

It’s not as easy to come across, but here are two brilliant buys that are just the job.



Barry M Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in Gold, £5.49 

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Pure Show, £18