It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you don’t have a fringe, you want one, and when you do, you want to grow it out. This kind of grass-is-always-greener thinking when it comes to our hair is a common one, and I am the most prolific kind of fringe/no fringe yo-yoer there is. Ever paid a fortune for a fancy haircut only to come home and immediately cut a heavy fringe into it? Yup, that’s me. Six weeks later it grows out long enough to do a sexy sweep to the side and oh look, there goes a stranger on the Tube with perfectly blunt bangs looking cool AF. And so it continues…

Fringes are really personal, though, and I’ve had enough practise with mine to know that nobody ‘gets’ my hair like I do. Frankly, I’m too impatient to book a salon appointment when the urge hits, and besides, I just don’t trust hairdressers (even top ones) to do it right.

But the good news is, it’s only hair. As potential disasters go, it’s pretty low-level and you can grow a fringe out relatively quickly. The trick is, if you’re going to DIY, learn how to do it properly, and never, ever use kitchen scissors – they’re just not weighted correctly and you’ll end up with wonky results even with the steadiest of hands (and intentions). Instead, befriend a professional hairdresser and beg her to buy you some snazzy pro scissors with her wholesale discount card. Pay as much as you can possibly afford. It really is worth the investment.

Here’s a rather brilliant how-to, found on The Beauty Department: