I am obsessed with the musky fragrances of Catholic rites. Comme des Garçons Incense Avignon is high mass.

I’m not an advocate of organised religion. I don’t align myself with any church. But, if I had to sign up to world faith (as in a ‘if you had to shag a contestant on The Apprentice which one would it be?’ way) I would definitely choose Catholicism. I think we can all agree they’ve got the best stuff – the cathedrals, the art, the rituals, Rome, the melodrama of saints and sinners and confession, Father Ted etc. They’ve also got the best smells.

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I am obsessed with the musky fragrances of Catholic rites. Comme Des Garçons’ Series Three Incense Avignon is high mass – frankincense, myrrh and smoky patchouli. I love it because it’s such a commanding smell and it’s ambiguously unisex.

Unlike other favoruite fragrances (such as Tom Ford and Molecule) I’ve never smelt Incense Avignon on anyone else. It’s precious. And you can only seem to buy it in beautiful places. You will never find Incense Avignon in the duty free shop in an airport. You’ll never find it in The Perfume Shop in the Arnedale Centre. Don’t look for it in Bluewater, it’s not there.



Comme Des Garçons’ Series Three Incense Avignon eau de toilette is £60 (50 ml) and available from Liberty, Goodhood and Dover Street Market