Name: Viss Elliot Safavi

Where do you live? Crystal Palace, London

Occupation: Actor


What are you working on right now?

I’m promoting a feature film, Baba Joon and a rehearsed reading of The Gift by Dave Florez.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Kate Bush. Always.

Do you have any odd creative rituals?

I like to learn lines whilst walking, outdoors – much to the bemusement of dog walkers and before I walk on stage to pump my fist like a tennis player and say quite loudly “come on acting”! It’s a tradition that started with myself and good friend Penny Bruce-Lockhart.

Describe your most inspiring working environment…

An environment that allows and enables actors freedom. Where you have the time and space to feel open enough to go to places that feel scary, funny… sexy… Hah!

What are you obsessed with?

Obsessed is a really extreme word. To answer that truthfully I’d have to say keeping myself and my family alive. Superficially at the moment Shia Le Boeuf’s movements, Nakd salted caramel nibbly things (they look like rabbit droppings but taste bootiful) and emulating Bob Dylan’s recent stage outfit.

What’s on your bedside table?

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Jon Ronson’s Them. Passport. Hairpins. Ibuprofen. Rehydration powders. Dental floss. Note from my daughter. Lamp. Phone. Almonds. Foreign loose change. Scrunched up tissue.

What’s your idea of luxury?

Freedom to travel. Failing that, Sunday morning in bed surrounded by newspapers.