Being a warm weather person I would normally love a mild autumn, but for the past few weeks I’ve woken up with variations on a prevailing thought: Is it cold enough to wear my cape yet? When can I wear my cape? Why is it still so warm? I want to wear my cape… STOP SAYING CAPE, BREE.

Last year I was lucky enough to happen upon a vintage 80s black wool beauty in FARA Retromania for a whopping £10 (sorry, but if you don’t look, you don’t find) and I’ve been obsessed ever since. For someone who’s a natural scruff, it’s instant glamour and melodrama – ‘I AM TIPPI HEDREN!’ I declared internally as I swished down to the bus stop on Streatham High Road (clearly I was more Mark from Peep Show…).


Me, hamming it right up.

There are a few things to bear in mind when embarking on this look, here are a some honest issues I’ve pondered:

Won’t I look like a tent? – It’s all about the silhouette. With such a wide triangular top half, wear with skinny jeans or fitted trousers to balance things out, or a skirt or dress just shorter than the cape. Anything flouncy or midi underneath is a no, except if you’re going for the extremes – a floor-length dress with a cute short cape can be properly elegant.

What do I do with my arms? – With no sleeves as such, long gloves, dahling.

How do I carry my bag? – This is the worst. Shoulder bags are an issue, I won’t lie. Go for handheld, or cross-body can work depending on the style and length of cape. Sometimes I even wear mine underneath it for a magical hands-free wizardy feel, pulling my arms inside for access.

Won’t adding a scarf look bulky? – Yes, and also a bit messy on the eye against such a structured shape. Add a faux fur stole/collar to a plain-collared cape since a scarf would mean death-by-fabric. They seem to be everywhere at the moment (thanks, Shrimps). Zara have a good selection including this one which I’ll be purchasing shortly.

So there you go. I’ve been watching the 5-day forecast like a hawk as it seems to have been a tropical 15 degrees forever. Next week could be the week, people, so bin the fucking ‘coatigan’* and get prepared. Here are my picks of the best:

CapeTopshopFurCape FCUK


Clockwise from top left: Faux Fur Collar Neat Cape £89, Topshop; Winter Night Wool Cape £210, French ConnectionHeritage Check Cape £85, Topshop; Contrasting Pipe Cape £79.99, Zara

Header image: Houndstooth Cape £89.99, Zara

*If you find the person who named this, please kill them. Thanks.