I have observed a strange fashion phenomenon and it is this: people who like purple really bloody like purple, and it’s become quite a commuter sport of mine – spotting The Purple People. While I find the thought processes behind anyone’s sartorial choices endlessly fascinating, this one’s really captured my imagination. Why, Purple People, why?

Let me set the scene: you’re on the 8:47 to Victoria, you sleepily look up from your Metro, and there she is sat opposite you: purple bag, purple coat, purple shoes… You may think all this purple is a result of a rushed morning – an unfortunate colour-coordinated coincidence, perhaps, but no, it continues, and the devil’s in the detail: purple iPhone cover, purple key ring, purple eye liner, a purple-toned semi-permanent through the hair, and here’s the really telling bit – sensible specs, but with a rebellious streak of (you guessed it) purple up the sides. This is no accident – some serious thought has gone into this look.

So what is this curious cult of purple that seemingly transcends trends and for that matter, style – I mean, each to their own, of course, but unless you’re a Gaultier catwalk model, everything purple? Fashion historians will tell you that purple is traditionally a colour of mourning, as well as nobility, while a spiritual healer will assert purple stands for harmony, peace of mind, but also magic and mystery. I can’t unsee The Purple People now, it’s become quite an obsession, and they certainly remain a mystery to me. But who am I to come over all fashion police-y on them? Vive la same, and all that.

There is, however, one exceptional human whose purple reign I definitely can abide…