Despite having no prior interest in Nigella Lawson, I, along with the rest of the humanity, became fascinated by her during her 2013 court case. She turned up for court with incredible style, looking so dignified that the media (and me) became obsessed with dissecting her appearance. I read any article that crossed my path about Nigella’s court room look on the off chance I’m ever called upon to take the stand. I want to know how to look that formidable.

Nigella Lawson Court Case

Several times during the furore I distinctly remember references in magazines and on social media to Nigella’s Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish. Looking back now at images from the time, it’s clear to see that her nails were actually conservatively unpolished. Perhaps we were lulled into the collective delusion that Nigella wore Rouge Noir in court because she looks so much like someone who should be wearing Rouge Noir. Rarely has someone more powerfully channelled Rouge Noir than Nigella Lawson in black, looking so aloof with her head held high as she walked into court. Amid the intrusive name-calling and flashing of cameras, she really did make everyone else look incredibly pedestrian.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 18 Rouge Noir

Despite being one of the all-time best selling nail polishes ever, a bottle of Rouge Noir always feels like some rare, exceptional artefact. It’s such a perfect object and seems to look universally good on all hands. I’ve bought Rouge Noir as a gift for friends more than any other thing, because it’s a tiny but perfect luxury.

Chanel Rouge Noir is a classic. It’s super vampish and sophisticated. There’s no situation that won’t be made more elegent by its lovely is it black or is it red-ness, and no colour that will give your hands more of the chic dignity of NL attending Isleworth Crown Court.



Chanel Rouge Noir is available from any good Chanel concession (including Selfridges) for £18.