Those damn Aussies. Coming over here with their accents and their flat whites, taking our jobs and our women. Ok, maybe not the last two. But they do come bearing barista skills and excellent food, just like that Captain James Cook did when he turned up. Hmm.

Brickwood Coffee in Tooting Market is the newest of the three branches to have opened on their hitlist of the south section of the Northern Line, with flags already in the ground at Clapham and Balham. Tooting has seen an increase in the number coffee places opening in the last few years, but I’m seriously surprised it has taken this long for a really excellent one to open. It’s had pretty much everything I’d want from a local area for a long time now, but a decent coffee? You wouldn’t think it was much to ask. But they’re here now, nestled in the corner of little Tooting Market (itself a mini Brixton Village waiting to happen, for better or worse). Working with Caravan Coffee, they’ve created their own Market Blend, which is extracted on their ‘sexy bespoke’ La Marzocco FB80, dahling.

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We visited on a stolen Wednesday afternoon, hungover, looking for a cure. A perfectly velvety, strong flat white and freshly pressed orange juice were just the ticket. Then, a dish which was so wintery and earthy it felt like it had come straight from the Common – a special of wild mushrooms on toasted brioche with ham hock, poached egg, pecorino and truffle oil. Seriously impressive stuff, and a bit posher than I was expecting.

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I’ve lived in Streatham for eight years, with places nearby like Boyce da RocaGraveney & Meadow and now the addition of Brickwood, it’s finally good to not have to trek into town for a top notch breakfast. As a strange plus, they also sell Cherry Ripe, Jaffas and other imported Australian goodies at the counter. Pretty much the only thing these guys aren’t providing is the weather. I suppose that’s forgivable, they can definitely stay.

Brickwood Coffee 

Tooting Market, 21-23 Tooting High St, London SW17 0SN

Open 7-6 weekdays / 9-6 weekends