It’s January, it’s raining and there’s a big, sad, yellowing Christmas tree dumped outside my office. All that remains of the jolly season is a box of Thorntons Classics with just the coffee ones left. Oh god. There’s only one thing for it: one must inject a little colour into this drab, grey month. And what better colour than pink?

I’m actually a bit obsessed with pink hair. From Nicole Richie’s shocking pink do to Charlotte Free’s candy floss locks, pink hair is, as far I’m concerned, pretty damn cool. If the idea of rocking pink hair is a bit much for work, don’t worry, there are plenty of temporary dyes that will wash out by Monday morning. Hooray!

My favourite dye is Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Rosé (Boots, £5). It turns my highlighted hair into a lovely pastel pink hue. It doesn’t come with gloves so you’ll have to buy your own. Oh and make sure you put Vaseline around your hairline as it is quite messy. The bottle says it lasts between two and ten washes but mine is gone after one.

pink2 pink3

If you’re not au fait with DIY-ing, Bleach London have salons in Dalston, Topshop Oxford Circus, and a newly opened Soho branch on Berwick Street