It absolutely warms my cockles to have discovered the Fine Little Day book. Way back in 2010 when I started what I thought was a blog (but was in fact just a Tumblr page), the actual Swedish blog Fine Little Day was one of the first sites I came across which had me inspired. By pure coincidence, my first ever post on Tumblr was six years ago to the day, and guess what it was…

Before Instagram and the hipster imagery of Kinfolk et al came into our collective visual consciousness, designer Elisabeth Dunker was living and documenting her slow life in the Swedish backwaters; crafting, styling interiors, illustrating, selling her products and taking beautiful photographs, often of her children in picturesque surrounding woodland… Somehow all without coming across as gloating or smug in the slightest.

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This delightful book is a collection from the site with craft and interiors ideas, but also new projects and work from friends and collaborators. There’s vintage crockery, clocks made from books, spoons with naïve faces on (lots of things with faces on), hand-designed sweatshirts, children’s mobiles and dreamy dining rooms.

I find a lot of interiors styling too unrealistically minimal. Where’s all their STUFF? This is much cosier whilst keeping its coolness. You know immediately that Elisabeth has kids, but she’s working with the mess, not against it. Almost using it as a new source of creative inspiration. Overall she sort of manages to combine two contrasting styles of which I’m unfortunately equally in love, thereby creating for myself a horrible mental conflict: Scandi modernism and vintage eclecticism. HOW CAN IT BE BOTH? Her achievements in this area are magician-like. I assume it was this playful eye which led to collaborations with companies such as Urban Outfitters and IKEA.

At some point I drifted away from reading the blog, not realising that she had continued on to this success. So when I saw the book it was clicked straight into the basket with barely a moment’s thought. I can visit the blog any time, but having this on my coffee table is an important personal reminder to me to keep the creative flame alive. And creepily own a piece of her perfect/imperfect life.

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Fine Little Day: Ideas, Collections and Interiors is published by Pavilion and available now.

Book images by me, all others