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Where do you live? Dorking, Surrey.

Occupation: Artist (and NHS middle management bean counter, starer at spreadsheets, procrastinator).

What are you working on right now? Collages, collecting materials for collages, cutting out bits for future collages, mixed-media paintings and filling notebooks with random quotes and scribbles…

Who do you want to be when you grow up? David Bowie’s bestest friend. Or failing that, Andrea Dworkin, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Deller, Julia Davis, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Dawson, Adam Curtis, Christian Eriksen, Brian Eno, Philip Larkin, Isabell Adjani, Dimitri Martin, Robert Forster, Greg Lemond, and/or Sharon Horgan. 

Do you have any odd creative rituals? I collect found shopping lists. 

Describe your most inspiring working environment… I like having lots of ‘interesting’ and inspiring things around me. As Francis Bacon said “I feel at home in chaos because chaos suggests images to me”. Also I don’t like tidying up.

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What are you obsessed with? Other people’s shopping lists, stationery, Letraset, colour and wrens.

What’s on your bedside table? Of course I want to say Dubonnet on ice and a pair of vintage gold cufflinks. But in reality I have a plastic Doraemon cup that I’m using as a pen holder, asthma inhalers and a few half-read books (including a copy of List of the Lost that has, sadly, defeated me…for now).

What’s your idea of luxury? An unsolicited lie-in. A long train journey. My bitterness.


Peter goes by the name Rotedesign, you can view more of his brilliant work here and purchase his handmade collages from Etsy. It’s recommended, I have several.