You may have noticed by now that I’ve had a small Scandinavian obsession forming. Hell, who am I kidding, it’s pretty much full-blown. It doesn’t help when I find that beautiful products hailing from the stylish Danish shores are now easily available to me here in the UK. Ugh, just take my credit card then!

VITA Copenhagen are creators of gorgeous modern lighting and have added two new designs to their collection for 2016: Ripples and Acorn.

The endless miles of seashores surrounding Scandinavia, with their small, soft waves is what inspired the designers to create the VITA Ripples lampshade. Don’t be tricked by its delicate appearance – covered by an innovative silicone layer, this lampshade has an unbreakable surface. The design comes in three delightful different shapes – the Slope, the Cusp and the Curve.

image003 image001image002


The Acorn is, quite obviously, inspired by the oak nut and consists of three parts: a soft silicone cup, a smooth outer shell of glass, and a kernel in a distinctive metallic finish. So pleasing and compact – how dare they make me choose just one of these colours.

image006 image005 image004


VITA are stocked sparingly in the UK and their full range appears to only be available online. I have to say, I’m never fully comfortable purchasing from abroad, but they seem to have quite a global ethos, ensuring all their products can be flat packed where the design allows to optimise for worldwide shipping. Good news for UK fans, so there’s really no excuse. All I need now is a beautiful kitchen to hang them in. I’ve done this the wrong way round again, haven’t I…

VITA Copenhagen Ripples and Acorn lamps €69.00 (£54) each

Available online from

UK stockists include Graham & Green and Amara