Being stuck, hideously immobile with flu this past week has had its mild advantages – it’s meant I could shamelessly fanny around on the internet for literally hours just COVETING shit. I’m a simple soul…

In these aimless, virtual wanderings I somehow came across Herbivore Botanicals’ Coco Rose Lip Polish, consisting of Hydrating Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, sugar, and Bulgarian Rose Absolute. So, lovely things then. This all-natural, gentle exfoliating treatment looks perfect for tackling my poor lips which have formed cracks the size of the Grand Canyon, much worse than usual. In fact, my whole face looks like some kind of pasty desert vista, and as pale and lifeless as a pre-feed Dracula.

Yes it’s extravagant, no-one needs a lip polish. But after being ill there’s something so comforting about using nice products; the soft feels, the lovely smells, even the pretty packaging all go towards making up for a rotten week spent surrounded by snotty tissues with a tongue permanently numbed by extra-strength Strepsils.

JUST LOOK AT IT. I feel better already.

HB_CocoRose_CoconutOil_LipPolish_01 Coco Rose Lip Polish

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Lip Polish £15

Available at TROUVA from Our Daily Edit Boutique