Call me nuts, but I’ve honestly been thinking about this drool-worthy, solid brass pepper mill for actual months. (Hello, I’m officially middle-aged.) I discovered it on a table in a restaurant I was at and it took mentally repeating everything my mother taught me, not to handbag it there and then. The satisfying heft, the genius side-loading hatch (there’s something of the nautical engineering feel about it, like shovelling coal on a tiny Titanic) and oh, the grind action! Instead I immediately Googled it with what turned out to be a perfect description and found the offending beauty online. In fact, on a site where I proceeded to spend another ten anti-social minutes testing my dinner partner’s patience by perusing everything else they sold.

So weighty it would kill an intruder, this is a pepper mill-4-life. And when it ages, it will age beautifully.


Brass Pepper Mill, £45 – available from Freight Store