Trusty old ASOS now gives the spendiest of designer bridal wear a run for its money

As an Irish Catholic (lapsed), I’ve already walked down the isle in a flouncy white dress, aged seven, and have since felt no need whatsoever to repeat this bizarre ritual – each to their own, as they say. But my sartorial curiosity means there’s always been a part of me that says “what would I wear?”, you know, IF… I can’t deny that news of ASOS’s brand new Bridal Boutique has piqued my interest, even if I am just window shopping, and guess what? It’s bloody brilliant and super-duper affordable. Does it matter that these virginal white gowns start at a mere £65?, reaching the heady heights of £350? Er, no! Some of us have more important priorities to think about, like the bar spend for example, or going on holiday for as long as possible, or you know, that out-of-wedlock child that keeps hanging around. (I’m going straight to hell).

But on the fashion front, trusty old ASOS now gives the spendiest of designer bridal wear a run for its money with a bijou collection that even includes Petite and Plus Size options and finally (finally!) has the guts to say, actually, just one or two zeros on that price tag is OK. Why pay more?

My top three…

Iridescent Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress, £150

Deco-inspired, floaty and feminine a la Moss… just beautiful












Red Carpet All Over Embellished Leaf Placement Maxi Dress, £180

This Studio 54 bride is ready to party before she’s so much as muttered “I do”












Body Frock Bridal Tiered Lace Dress, £235

If you’re going to San Francisco… peace, love and cheap-as-chips bi-stretch knit here we come!

Hippybride2      HippyBride1

The new collection also includes bridesmaids’ dresses, guests’ attire, shoes, accessories and wedding night undies