Have you been struggling to find a phone case which isn’t glitter in liquid, an internet slogan or an oversized rubber hotdog with bunny ears aimed at selfie-obsessed teens #HASHTAGMEGALOLZ? They must be somewhere, phone cases for the rest of us who have more subtle tastes *ahem* and sense of humour. Where are they hiding? Society 6. That’s where they’re bloody hiding.

Society 6 is a commercial outlet for hundreds of illustrators and graphic artists, producing their work on anything from mugs to cushions to laptop covers and phone cases. It’s seemingly endless – there are 100 pages of phone cover designs alone, so I’ve done quite a bit of legwork to create this edit. And if these only whet your appetite, it’s so vast I almost dare you to not find something right for you on there.

The only downside is that they’re a US company. Annoying, but frankly there are some cracking unusual designs and at the moment they’re all $5 off plus free shipping, so get choosing quick.

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heavy-words-are-so-lightly-thrown-but-still-id-leap-in-front-of-a-flying-bullet-for-you-cases sea-on-concrete-cases sorbet-v-cases white-stone-cases

(Above) Heavy Words 01; Sea on Concrete; Sorbet V; White Stone 



magnolias-vyo-cases collage-of-poppies-and-pattern-cases constellations-lja-cases watercolour-cacti-and-succulent-cases

(Above) Magnolias; Collage of Poppies & Pattern; ConstellationsWatercolour Cacti & Succulent



cats-r7n-cases tis-the-season-uft-casesdinosaurs-77o-cases crustaceans-sea-life-illustration-by-andrea-lauren-cases

(Above) Cats; Tis The SeasonDinosaurs; Crustaceans Sea Life


Weird & Wonderful

he-was-the-nazz-cases rising-mountain-cases

suspicious-mugs-cases butts-e5e-cases

(Above) He Was The Nazz; Rising Mountain; Suspicious Mugs; Butts

Yes that’s right, BUTTS. See, I told you there was something for everyone *adds to basket, checks out, wins all the commuter looks*

Society 6 – phone cases for iPhones and Galaxy models $35

Header images: Naked Ladies; Cryyp; Aequoreus Vita III/Marine Life III