Whether you’ve noticed it or not, collectively we have begun to reach a new ‘tulip fever’ over flowers. What once had been a dutifully added element to interior stylings, floral arrangements have taken centre stage on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. As avocado on toast eats itself, it seems we have found a new focus for our visual obsessions.

In vases, in hand, with coffee, near stationery, on cakes, in jars, pots and crates…. You name it, blooms are getting everywhere.

It’s something which, probably subconsciously, has begun to infiltrate my own feed. I recently found myself buying a bunch of white lilies, fortuitously on what turned out to be the day before falling ill. This meant I spent the rest of the week watching them open and change in the fireplace from my perma-positioning on the sofa, unable to help photographing them as they put on a quietly stunning show with each grim day that passed. Never normally being home for any serious length of time, it was a totally unexpected pleasure. And I had caught a whole different bug – I’m now more likely to be drawn to the wildflowers in a tiny milk bottle on a cafe table than the brunch itself.

Header - Fleur4

Header - Fleur5Here is a selection of lovely Instagram accounts, some of which are dedicated to professional floral design, but others run by people whose love of flora and fauna has naturally met their love of styling and photography. For more inspiration, check out hashtags such as #flowersofinstagram#floralarrangement and #flowergram and revel in the forthcoming beauty.








But no flowers on toast, please, that would just be silly. Whereas BISCUITS…


Above image: UyeSurana on Tumblr

Other images: selections from the Instagrammers listed