‘I love my murderer – but yours! How can I?’

2016 marks the bicentenary of Britain’s most beloved literary family – the Brontës. Moved by the spirit of this significant anniversary, I’ve been having a think of some quick and easy ways to Wuthering Heights-up your everyday life. I’m going to try an implement all of them today and see how that pans out…


Never forgive your father for taking in that gypsy foundling.

Fling open the windows and lean out recklessly into the bitterly cold night air.

Go missing for a protracted length of time and return with mysteriously acquired wealth.

Stand insolently at the hearth.

Nurture a fanciful curiosity about your father’s nemesis.

Lurk vindictively in the barn.

Raise your enemy’s son barbarically.

Recline abjectly on the bed.

Rave insensibly about your longing for the moors and/or your childhood.

Eat your porridge ill-temperedly.


Visit Brontë Parsonage Museum for more information about Brontë 200 celebrations and events.