We can’t all be Stevie Nicks. You’re either a scarf person or you’re not, and I, alas, am one of those naysayers who doesn’t know what the hell to do with the things, pretty and floaty and Fleetwood Mac-y as they are. This doesn’t, however, stop me from receiving the buggers as gifts. (Note, gift-givers: if you’ve never seen x wearing one, x probably doesn’t do them, for good reason). But rather than letting my collection of offending floaty squares gather dust I’ve resolved to get my Gold Dust Woman on, somehow…


Silk scarf on bagAccessorise

With festival season coming up, this is a suitably boho and sneakily practical way to make use of an otherwise redundant silk scarf: tie it to your handbag. Not only will it give you instant Coachella-cool, if you spritz it with something pretty, you can wrap it around your face* as you approach the dreaded Portaloo, saving you from passing out in the process.




Don’t accessorise

Take a very stylish leaf out of Man Repeller Leandra Medine’s book and get creative. Here, the queen of New York street fashion shows us how to DIY a nifty mini dress out of nothing but a pair of large silk scarves. This is a clever way to wear ‘em that’s decidedly not just around the neck.





Accessorise your home

But if you really can’t bear to wear, why not granny up your apartment by placing a silk scarf underneath the glass top of your vintage dressing table? Never mind Stevie Nicks, this is what Norma Desmond would do and it’s super glamorous. Here’s mine.



*tried and tested method from Glastonbury 2009. Note: don’t use your favourite scent, you’ll forever associate it with poo.