I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen recently, like the good fake-wife I am, and have been bemoaning our blunt knives, naff tea towels and dented frying pan (that was one hell of mood swing). I realise we’ve kept hold of so many old pieces feeling like we’d get better, ‘proper’ kitchenware once we bought a house. As we now face up to continued renting, I’m ready to invest in my kitchen stuff. Ironically I now may need to live like a student to save up for them.

To be fair, this is in part a fantasy list because we all need cheering up on this horrendous week now, don’t we? And obviously the best way to do that is look at unobtainable pretty things, so…


No one’s asking you to spend £24 on a pair of salad servers, but if you were going to, I would strongly suggest these mega summery ones. Then you can pretend you’re having a lovely picnic by a Swedish lake instead of your actual drizzly British BBQ.

Neon Dipped Wood Salad Servers, £24  – Trouva


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Nothing says ‘grown up’ like a Le Creuset dish, it’s the domestic dream. I don’t even really like pink, but I think the appeal is more that it’s quite an unlikely colour for cookware and it feels more modern than the traditional orange. Frankly, it would just make you joyfully happy every time you used it.

Le Creuset Chiffon Pink Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish, £180 – Le Creuset



I admit to being a knife novice but I do know that I often like to have a single special thing with character rather than a homogeneous set. I always favour a particular spoon in a mis-matched collection of cutlery, or bowl for soup or coffee mug. I use the same individual mug for my coffee each morning despite having a million hoarded in the cupboard. I found these cute Spanish, hand-sharpened knives at Freight Store. The two smaller sizes are stainless steel and I love them as a unique, rustic little pair.

Boxwood Knives, from £10 each – Freight Store



Two of my friends now have these. TWO. And can’t you see why? Like deceptive elegant bottles they have a pleasing rubbery matt texture for grip, an upside-down action and mills hidden by wood so the seasoning appears as if by magic. One must keep up with the Joneses…

NORM Salt & Pepper Grinders, £44.95 – Skandium




Everyone can afford a new tea towel to brighten things up, and over at perennial favourite HAY you can treat yourself to this set of two graphic lovelies to help ease the pain of dealing with the dishes.

HAY Tea Towels, set of two, £15 – Selfridges