bFor a cheapo Superdrug product, this one certainly packs a punch. My hyaluronic acid epiphany came a few years ago when I discovered the stuff is great for dehydrated skin, not just moisturising the surface, but actually locking moisture in for up to 12 hours, resulting in all manner of glowing benefits. (I will also have DRINK MORE WATER tattooed across my forehead, one of these days.) But as all full-time, full-face make-up wearers know, you can’t exactly slap the stuff onto thirsty skin in the middle of the day without having to re-do, well, everything. Until now, that is, which is why this ingenious little spritzer is a total game changer. It works brilliantly over make-up, too, just like MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix +, only £10 cheaper and with the age-defying elixir that is hyaluronic acid. A no-brainer, then. It also comes in a fifty 75ml bottle, meaning you should never board a plane without one. See you at the checkout. I’m bulk-buying… £7.99 (