You’re a small town cop, jaded by your past. You left the city to escape painful memories, but trouble seems to have followed you.

These unexplained power surges are a total nuisance.

His parents are out of town, but you have persistent feelings of foreboding about the house party.

The man who calls himself your father is actually the principle scientist of a sinister, secret laboratory.

That weird, loner boy at school intrigues you. He’s kind of cute, though you would never admit it to your popular friends.

Your telekinetic infant daughter was taken from you at birth by an evil government agency. You may now be mute, but you will never forget.

You wish your mum would let you continue playing Dungeons & Dragons for longer. That ten hours just flew by.

Everyone in the town’s starting to think you’re crazy, but you don’t care. You know your son’s still out there somewhere.

Quilted body warmers are a great way of keeping your torso insulated.

You tell your mum you’re going to the library to study with friends after school, but really you’re going on your BMX to look for a portal to an other dimension.

You’re starting to suspect there’s something peculiar about that military-guarded government compound on the outskirts of town.

Last night your only worry was if he’d like you in this sweater. Now you’re buying a bear trap and ammunition.

That reservoir comes under the remit of local law’s jurisdiction, so why are the state police getting involved?

One day you’ll grow out of your lisp.

If only you hadn’t been disturbed whilst developing those pictures in the dark room, you might have noticed that supernatural beast sooner.

You have limited vocabulary and emotional intelligence, due to being raised in a secret laboratory. But you do have psychokinetic powers.


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