Well where on Earth did a year go?!

Yes, we are one and have been celebrating our FRONTLIST/BACKLIST first birthday with a little cocktail (or four). Although it feels as though it’s raced by, it’s also been quite a hard slog, so we want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has read, liked or shared our posts and articles over the past year. To the people we probed for where they got their ideas from (the megalolz the night we came up with that section…), to all our collaborators who have provided their writery talents bringing us brilliant articles, reviews and the thing which makes me most proud on the site, their contributions of original fiction.

Finally, to the attendees of our literary salon, Luxury Book Club. This in particular has exceeded our expectations and we’re eternally grateful that you’ve made each evening so successful after, in the words of Emily, ‘what started out as an elaborate way to make you read our favourite books’. We hope to bring you many more exciting and luxurious book events in the future.

Here’s to another year of books, fashion, beauty, film, food and other distractions.

Bree, Ali & Emily xxx