Gosh, 2016’s been a non-stop shitstorm, hasn’t it? And just as we were licking our wounds thinking the worst was behind us, another musical hero, too good for this stupid world, bows out poetically on Christmas Day. (Writing this I realise I’ll never listen to Last Christmas again without its new, even sadder, meaning). Soon after the shock of losing George Michael, Twitter was flooded with heart-warming stories of the singer’s compassion, kindness, and secret good deeds, from paying for a stranger’s IVF treatment, to giving away his hard-earned royalties to charity. Turns out he was a thoroughly top bloke as well as being a rare talent and a total fitty. No, George, we gave you our hearts, and for good reason.chooseloveGeorge and Andrew doing the Jitterbug into my brain… 

I’m not sure how much more my heart can take. Right now I’m out of outrage, I’m done with despair. I cried purple tears in April before Brexit broke me and frankly, I’m knackered. Thank Fashion, then, for Katharine Hamnnet, whose iconic political slogan tees are sometimes all we need. CHOOSE LOVE is, of course, a twist on the ‘80s Wham!-clad CHOOSE LIFE. Updated by the legendary designer to draw attention to the current refugee crisis, this sartorial statement seems to sum up everything I want to say right now – as well as paying a sneaky tribute to Wham!, so I’ll be starting my 2017 with this simple (and stylish) message of hope. And I suspect a certain son of Greek Cypriot immigrants, who understood the power of letting your chest do the talking, would wholeheartedly approve.katharine-hamnett

All you need is Katharine Hamnett: The designer modelling her straight-talking CHOOSE LOVE tee, £19, available at www.helprefugeeschooselove.teemill.co.uk