As someone who rarely ventures into town to go traditional shopping anymore, my delight upon realising last week that my local H&M had received a huge makeover and was now stocking its covetable and affordable Home range as well as its Beauty range, may have appeared somewhat disproportionate to someone outside of myself.

As payday loomed tantalisingly, I pawed over the homeware I couldn’t yet purchase, but I was not leaving without a fix. As I stared, dazzled by their giant nail polish display like a kid in a sweet shop, at every known shade and all in between, I hit on Tender Buds.

It seems to be the perfect shade for lifting me out of my two month strong Rouge Noir rut (not that a Rouge Noir rut could ever really be a bad thing). It’s a colour I can only describe as ‘pre-spring’, treading the boundary between sludgy winter greens and brighter spring pastels. Get on it for February, to remind you that warmer times are just around the corner.


H&M Nail Polish £3.99 More colours available in-store.