The best remedy, when faced with a sartorial rut, is to take a fashion leap of faith. Choosing something that’s slightly outside of your comfort zone has serious merits ­– not least the power to reinvigorate your wardrobe in one fell swoop. And just as Jim Morrison tells Wayne in Wayne’s World 2, “If you book them, they will come”, I say, if you buy it, you will become the kind of girl who wears THAT. Oh yes. It was in this spirit exactly that I purchased the London Thunder Cape from Sister Jane – a brand whose product names are as tantalising as its effortless, cool-girl aesthetic. Also, I had a voucher, it wasn’t real money, and I blew the lot on this baby.

It’s a ridiculous garment in a most impractical-for-outerwear shade of powder pink, offset with super-cool Bowie-inspired diamante lightning bolts. It’s a look-at-me number that’s indisputably feel-good, and I cannot wait to get it around my shoulders this spring.

The moral of my imprudent purchase is this: pick something that you have to live up to. And don’t even think twice about it. I call it my magic fashion cape, and whatever guise that might come in, I believe everyone should own one.