In a flash of fashion self-revelation I realised that I have a thing about sleeves. And during a recent (very serious) editorial meeting, we discussed the fact that sleeve trends have, in the past, dictated hair trends – or perhaps it’s the other way round? Here’s the theory: ‘80s shoulder pads go with big ‘80s hair, because, without the big hair, you’d look like a pinhead. And as sleeves got bigger, so did our Silvikrin habit. It’s all about proportions, see? Now, if anyone has big hair, it’s me, which goes some way to explain why I come over all Anne Shirley when I spot a garment with PUFF SLEEVES! Oh Aunt Marilla!

Historically, it was deemed the bigger the sleeves the higher the social status, too, seeing as big sleeves are literally excessive due to the excessive amounts of material used. Just check out those fancy Elizabethan courtiers in their big-sleeved doublet and hose combos. Note: they had yet to discover ‘80s hair and most of them did, in fact, look like pinheads, believing that this was A Good Look. They also believed that trees were filled with magick that could guard them from evil spirits. The dickheads.

Here’s Comme des Garçons’ take on big sleeves for this current Elizabethan period that is the 21st century. (Note the hair!)

pic: Roe Ethridge