Whilst deliberating on my outfit for a recent Studio 54-themed birthday bash, I was hit with the realisation that I don’t have enough sheer socks in my life. The idea, of course being that I’d wear them with ‘70s block heeled open toe sandals like the coolest of disco chicks back then (nonchalantly blowing pink Hubba Bubba bubbles as I strutted my stuff with my blue eyeshadow and pretend perm) but really, they’re just as relevant now, amiright?

Sheer socks are brilliant: a little bit decadent – think Pretty Polly polka dots in 10 denier black, or a sassy juxtaposition of racy/preppy ankle-length fishnets – and entirely unnecessary: do they keep your feet warm? Hells no, they just look so pretty, which is precisely why I need more of them. Teamed with boyish trainers for an edgy 2016 update they become very cool indeed and they’re the perfect answer to seasonal sartorial uncertainty because right now you’d look a bit previous in summer loafers sans socks but it’s probably time to bin those opaque black tights you’ve been wearing all winter.

But sheer socks are somewhat lacking on the high street. Even trusty old TopShop Oxford Circus couldn’t come up with the goods when I paid my latest pilgrimage. Sparkly disco ankle socks, yes, actual sheer socks like Lady Di probably wore, no. Thus far, I’ve snared those Pretty Polly polka dots from eBay, and was amazed to discover that ‘80s institution Sock Shop still exists online and yes, they do sheer socks. Who knew?

Suffice to say, the hunt continues…