I don’t know about you, but there are wardrobes and cupboards in my flat which have tote bags full of tote bags. Band gig bags, crafty illustrated bags, (many) book bags… “But they’re great for storage!” I claim, as they sit there taking up storage. Just try and throw any of them away though and you’ll see a side of me best left uncovered. However, considering the vast options, I really have only one trusty bag which gets actual regular use due to it being an unusually large ‘landscape’ shape and of sturdy quality. Unfortunately because of this love, it has seen better days and I’ve been on the hunt for a more substantial replacement for months. There are so many ‘shopper’ styles out there, but none have hit that peak of being smart, casual, cool and affordable all at the same time.

Then yesterday I happened upon this bad boy in Primark. Suddenly my brain went off like a fruit machine aligning all the YES. Thick lined canvas, zip compartment, stylish stripes and proper leather straps – all for a whopping £9. This, my friends, is ticking all my summer bag needs. There may even be a tote cull during the spring cleaning.

Thanks Primark. Thrimark.


Striped canvas tote – Primark, £9