Could these be the answer to your AW16 going-out-for-dinner-but-the-evenings-are-now-colder-and-I-don’t-want-frozen-toes shoes dilemma? I think that answer is yes. And don’t say ‘wear tights’ because we didn’t work on this summer glow for nothing, darlings.

I admit to having been left baffled by the whole furry loafer mule thing sparked by Gucci. They made even the coolest of the fashion pack look like Carlton from Fresh Prince after a hunting accident. Absolutely do not pair those monstrosities with a dress, what are you doing?* Whereas the much subtler tuft at the back of these elegant Zara versions gives mere acknowledgement to the trend and is sure to bring only jealousy to beady-eyed onlookers at the realisation that you are one step ahead in the style over practicality game and OMG WHY AREN’T MORE SHOES FUR-LINED?


ZARA Faux Fur Slingback Ballerinas, £39.99

*Ok, so a small part of me may have thought they were full-on luxurious genius, which is exactly the sort of conflicting feeling which keeps me hooked on this ridiculous world.